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Insolvency and restructuring

Representing businessmen in insolvency proceedings:
Complex representation of creditors

  • drafting insolvency petitions,
  • drafting claim submissions,
  • representation at creditors’ meetings,
  • representing creditors in the creditors’ committee,
  • representation in adversary disputes

Complex representation of debtors

  • drafting a debtor’s insolvency petition,
  • cooperating with the insolvency trustee,
  • participating in meetings of the creditors’ committee,
  • representation in court proceedings

Complex representation of debtors in proceedings concerning applications for reorganisation and approving reorganisation plans

  • drafting applications for reorganisation,
  • drafting reorganisation plans including the business plan,
  • representing insolvent debtors in all actions before the court during proceedings on applications for reorganisation and in all acts taken in connection with approving reorganisation plans,
  • negotiating with creditors,
  • assistance with legal aspects connected with implementing reorganisation plans

Complex legal services for insolvency trustees

  • assessing claim submissions,
  • representing trustees in adversary proceedings,
  • assessing the legal aspects of insolvency proceedings,
  • analysing issues with regard to Council Regulation (EC) No. 1346/2000 on insolvency proceedings

Complex legal consultancy on aspects of insolvency law

  • analysing draft agreements with regard to a contractual party’s potential insolvency,
  • proposing measures to minimise the risks of a contractual party becoming insolvent



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